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 ULTRASCOPE is a global citizen science initiative developed to radically reduce the cost of building observatories able to contribute to real science, such as solar weather or hunting asteroids.  

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  • 12 p.m. GMT (8 a.m. U.S. EDT)  
  • 7 p.m. GMT (3 p.m. U.S. EDT) 
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  1. Elizabeth Sabet, Space Apps global team
  1. Blake Garcia, Space Apps global team
  1. Menna hamza, Cairo, Egypt.
  1. Audrey Rhodes, Lomé, TOGO, West Africa
  1. Alejandro Solis, Cartago, Costa Rica.
  1. Jeff Schmidt, Cartago, Costa Rica
  1. Maria Estrada, Cartago, Costa Rica.
  1. Yolanda Alonso, Burgos, Spain
  1. Brian Amu, Nairobi, Kenya
  1. Shpend Lila, Prishtina, Kosovo.
  1. Caley Burke, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
  1. Edlira Kasaj, Tirana, Albania
  1. Mikko Lampi, Mikkeli, Finland
  1. Prawesh Shrestha, Kathmandu Nepal
  1. Faith Urban, Brevard County, Florida
  1. Bob Berardino, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland, USA
  1. Melina Korvenkontio, Idean, Helsinki, Finland
  1. Kadja Manninen, Idean, Helsinki, Finland
  1. LATZOO kofi sika , Dakar , Sénégal , West Africa
  1. Urska Starc Peceny, Vienna, Austria
  1. Kelly Wilson, Indianapolis, IN 
  1. Shakeel, Islamabad Pakistan
  1. Nils Moenning, York, England 
  1. Raúl Ramírez Brenes, Cartago, Costa Rica
  1. Kirsa Ulett Pacheco, Cartago, Costa Rica
  1. Gabriela Méndez López, Cartago, Costa Rica
  1. Djalal Nizar ADNANI, Oran, Algeria.
  1. Karin Nilsdotter, Stockholm, Sweden
  1. Harish Kamath, Cambridge, MA
  1. Eriko Nishimoto, Cambridge, MA
  1. Giannis Papazoglou, Limassol, Cyprus
  1. Mike Thielke, Salisbury, MD
  1. Ryan Schneider, Kansas City, MO
  1. Mohsin Attiq , Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
  1. Joe Brisbois, Pasadena, CA
  1. Essraa Abbas, Cairo, Egypt
  1. Valerie Cepero, Orlando, FL
  1. Lisha Sterling, Greensboro, NC 
  1. Juan Manuel Delgado, Lim, PE
  1. Mohammad Zaman, Bangladesh
  1. Imran Hossain, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  1. Arafater Rahman, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  1. Abir Ashraf, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  1. Arif Nezami, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  1. Ariful Hasan Opu, Dhaka Bangladesh
  1. Ingrid Rosten, Sacramento, California USA
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  • 2 a.m. GMT on  March 8th (9 p.m. U.S. EST on March 7th)
Yasseen A - norw
696 days ago
699 days ago
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Nikola Viazmenski - Hi! I am interested in engineering, have some basic skills under my belt and am looking to grow. Don't worry, I am a fast learner. Contact me at +19145251132. Also, I am looking for a Mr. Robert Klassert
Krima R Krima Rohela- Hello, I'm interested robotics and in research work related to space. I have elementary skills in these fields and want to develop my skills in them. MY email id is:krimarohela.kr@gmail.com
814 days ago
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Jonathan H Jonathan Haggard - Interface design, brand, HTML/CSS/Javascript
Hi there, here Aldo Pergjergji from Rome. I’m a  Software Developer -> Java, php, .Net, Mobile (Android), MySql, SqlServer, JS, Ext.Js, Ext.Net. Please contact me if you are interested on developing a cool app for this challenge a.pergjergji@gmail.com  :) 

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