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Harish Kamath

1005 days ago
  • We will be sharing with virtual participants as well
  • Live streamed bootcamp and NASA panel
  • Inputting your site's 2 global nominations and People's Choice nomination into your local page
  • People's Choice nomination is completely up to you! This can be done on social media, a local vote, or however else you choose. You will submit this choice on Sunday night. A leaderboard will be available on the website
  • Promoting the People's Choice judging process in your location
  • Promote your site's choice to the broader Space Apps community
  • Global Judging timeline for 2014 was as follows, 2015 aims to be similar but may extend due to volume of projects
  • Best Use of Data, Best Use of Hardware, Best Mission Concept, Galactic Impact, and Most Inspirational.
  • Concludes 1 month after event
  • Project Accelerator Toolkit
  • A new resource for communities interested in supporting the post-hackathon process  
  • Mapaseka Dipale, Port Elizabeth , South Africa
Maria Z
Herb S
Hidetaka K
  • Hidetaka Kimura - Sakai, Japan
Brad N
Daniel M
  • Daniel Menefee, Salisbury Maryland
Harish K
  • Harish Kamath, Eriko Nishimoto, Cambridge MA
Joe B
  • Joe Brisbois, Pasadena, CA
Mark F
  • Mark Mackay/KiwiSpace, Auckland, NZ.
  • Can I add satellite events for my site? 
Herb S
  • How do you order the stickers?
Mark F
  • Q: (Where) Is there a document outlining the sample judging criteria? 
  • A: No single approach -- broad criteria here -- www.spaceappschallenge.org/about/judging
Brad N
  • What time is the livestream panel from NYC?
Blake G
  • Scheduled for 5:30pm EST
Mark F
  • Is there going to be an aggregated livestream that switches to the currently-streaming sites?  e.g. NASA TV providing coverage?
  • Will this require someone to click the webpage? or automatically update?
1026 days ago
  • People will register for your event and give background on their skills
Blake G
  • Registration must be done on the Space Apps website
  • Names, skills, and other participant information will be available to hosts during the registration period
  • Challenges
  • Challenge launch date: March 11th
  • Challenges are being approved by NASA legal team, will be posted March 11th. Themes are already available: Outer Space, Earth, Humans, and Robotics
  • To see samples of past challenges, look at 2014.spaceappschallenge.org for last year's challenges
  • Translation of challenges
  • Doc of the challenges will be released in English to be translated, let the organizing team know if you are looking for collaborators to translate into your local language
Alejandro S
  • Inputs for the challenges (e.g. Datasets, frameworks, etc)? Is open to other data source?
  • Introduction & team-making
Blake G
  • It is recommended to keep introductory presentation time down and allow teams time to work whenever ready
  • Work time
  • Teams can work on projects as long as they would like on the weekend of the event
  • Presentations
  • Be sure to make sure participants stick to a predetermined amount of time 
  • We want to encourage an environment of collaboration so prizes should not be so big that teams are reluctant to collaborate or share information because they are fiercely competing against each other for a big prize!
  • Judging criteria
  • In addition to 2 global nominees, sites will submit a people's choice from local sites, determined by a vote of participants. The top 25 will to be voted on at the global level
  • For leads
  • Branding and designs
  • NASA has many logo restrictions, please do not use the NASA logo in any promotional material. You may use the logo as a standalone
  • We can send a letter confirming local leads. Please email blake.garcia@spaceappschallenge.org if you would like to request a letter
  • Potential collaborators
  • Working to find ways to connect you with organizations that want to offer resources/APIs, etc. to Space Apps sites on a broader level.
  • If you have a sponsor that wants to engage with other cities as well, let us know and we can put them in touch.
  • Jeff Schmidt, Cartago, Costa Rica
  • Kelly Wilson, Indianapolis, IN 
Shakeel S
  • Shakeel, Islamabad Pakistan
Nils M
  • Nils Moenning, York, England 
Raul B
  • Raúl Ramírez Brenes, Cartago, Costa Rica
  • Kirsa Ulett Pacheco, Cartago, Costa Rica
  • Gabriela Méndez López, Cartago, Costa Rica
Djalal A
  • Djalal Nizar ADNANI, Oran, Algeria.
Karin N
  • Karin Nilsdotter, Stockholm, Sweden
Harish K
  • Eriko Nishimoto, Cambridge, MA
Γιαννης Π
  • Giannis Papazoglou, Limassol, Cyprus
Michael T
  • Mike Thielke, Salisbury, MD
Ryan S
  • Ryan Schneider, Kansas City, MO
  • Everyone will register individually. Teams submitting projects can be identified by their team when the project is submitted. Individual participants must be registered to their team's site on spaceappschallenge.org in order to be eligible for global awards.
  • can we register new people during  the event "on the spot" even if we reached our max capacity stated in the location page ? Menna Hamza
  • Participants will not be able to register if you've hit max capacity but you can expand the number if you have more participants
  • it would be very useful if you could provide more details about 2015 challenges, that will help us approaching suitable mentors. Menna Hamza
Blake G
  • Challenges will be released March 11th. 
  • Can we have an example from last year in terms of challanges? So we can have an idea of how they are? 
  • What is the last date to update the venue?
  • There is no last date for the venue, it can be changed at any time. It is recommended to be posted as soon as possible.  If you don't know your venue yet, add a note to your local page saying a venue announcement is coming soon!
Karin N
  • What resources do you need to have on the site during the challenge? Karin Nilsdotter
Blake G
  • Internet connectivity, power strips, tables, chairs, paper
Nils M
  • We would like to provide some hardware (e.g. raspberry pi, camera modules) for our teams to use for their solutions. We will need to organise this very early. Which hardware would be reasonable to provide under consideration of the challenges? Nils Moenning, York
Blake G
  • Challenges do not require specific hardware but teams can integrate available hardware into challenge solutions
Nils M
  • Are we allowed to post the sponsor logos on our location's website? Nils Moenning, York
Blake G
  • Sponsor logos cannot be hosted on the Space Apps location website. Local sites can build an independent webpage to post sponsor logos. 
Alejandro S
Blake G
  • You can set a deadline on an independent website and move max capacity to reflect the number of registrants on that date
  • Can I charge for entrance?
  • No. Space Apps is a government event and we cannot charge admission
  • How do I keep track of people's choice voting?
  • You can choose whatever method works best for you. Some teams have used hashtag trackers in previous years and counted tweets with a tool in previous years
  • How does Space Apps facilitate global sponsorship?
  • NASA cannot solicit sponsorship and local sponsorships must be coordinated individually. Please notify the organizing team with sponsors interested in offering sponsorship to all sites if a sponsor is interested.
Karin N Sorry if I missed this but how is the demos and pitches conducted? Karin Nilsdotter

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