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Yolanda Alonso

990 days ago
Welcome to the THIRD (and last) Space Apps 2015 Global Planning Call!  This is a chance to share some updates with you and for you to ask your questions.  Below is the agenda with a few things we will talk about.  Under that, please add your name/city to the Attendees list when you join the call.  And down at the bottom is the place to add your questions!
  • Waitlists and increasing capacity
Blake G
  • Email web@spaceappschallenge.org to create a waitlist for your site
  • Emailing your participants
  • Remind them to bring their laptops and any other necessary gear (power strips?  sleeping bags?)
  • Let them know any special requirements for entering your venue (is ID required?)
  • We recommend sending an email to attendees sometime over the course of this week or next week
  • Email questions to us or invite followers to tweet #AskSpaceApps to ask questions to the panel
  • Support for data.nasa.gov
  • - All of Socrata's developer support resources are also centralized at http://dev.socrata.com and there attendees can find additional documentation, code samples, and libraries for use with the Socrata APIs.
  • Livestreaming
Blake G
  • Livestream will take place Friday April 10th
  • We encourage you to participate but it is not mandatory, only dependent on your bandwidth 
  • Livestreams will be showcased on the spaceappschallenge.org homepage
  • Project pages
  • We ask all project teams to create a project page on spaceappschallenge.org so we can find  work project teams
  • After Space Apps
  • Entering Global Nominees and People's Choice Nominee
  • Please enter by Sunday night, April 12th
  • Available to be printed or shared by email
  • Certificates can be modified to include additional logos
  • Survey for Leads
  • Mission Report
  • Share any stories from your event
  • Yolanda Alonso, Burgos, Spain
Jacob T
  • Jacob Tomlinson & Ian Gentry, Exeter, UK
Nils M
  • Nils Moenning, York, UK
  • When will the awards be published?
Blake G
  • NASA is trying to keep similar schedule to last year. Last year awardwinners were selected by May 11th. Challenge winners were selected a week after the event People's choice nominees were nominated two weeks after Space Apps with subsequent narrowing and voting.
Yolanda A
  • Can participants create their own challenges?
Blake G
  • Yes. Please track challenge ideas and let us know.
Jacob T
  • Will there be a video to be played at the beginning of the event?
Blake G
  • No required event video but livestream and panel discussion will be available if you'd like to show them at your event
Jacob T
  • Will there be any [official] Google Hangouts with NASA staff (engineers, astronauts, scientists, etc) during the event?
Blake G
  • No global stream but there will be a hangout with challenge owners. If there are any questions please send them to us or use the #AskSpaceApps hashtag
1004 days ago
  • Connecting with challenge owners: Emails located in the project description
Blake G
  • Challenge page includes:
  • Background information
  • Contact email for NASA challenge coordinator and challenge owner- participants can reach out to them directly
  • Questions for NASA/Astronauts
  • In past years people have had questions for NASA scientists and astronauts for more information about a specific question
  • Email the Space Apps team if you have questions
William N
  • In addition to the data already mentioned on the challenge pages, consider using the data found here to make the project more awesome
  • help navigating and utilising resources from Socrata, details should come through in further emails
  • Project pages
  • Creation of projects
  • can be created now
  • Link with participant registration
Blake G
  • Project pages will be linked with local sites. Participants must build a profile, RSVP for their location, and submit projects for their actual location
  • Projects must be submitted during the event weekend
William N
  • Sunday April 12th night cutoff for project creation
  • editing of project pages will last one week after cutof
  • Locking of project pages on Sunday night, April 12th
  • Editing ability for one additional week
Blake G
  • to allow time for teams to add video for projects
  • Reminder: cannot put sponsor logos on location pages
William N
  • links are available, however
  • Sticker shipping
  • Sticker orders should begin shipping this week--NASA logos and Space Apps logos in various colors
  • Tracking numbers to be shared
  • NASA logo photos
Blake G
  • NASA is encouraging participants to take photos with NASA stickers in interesting locations in your city
  • Certificates
  • We will be sharing with virtual participants as 
  • The event weekend 
  • Live streaming
  • Many sites live stream portions of Space Apps weekend
  • We encourage sites to live stream but it can be limited by available bandwidth
  • Livestreams will be showcased on spaceappschallenge.org the weekend of the event
William N
  • The livestreaming tech is open this year
  • If possible, stream the presentations of the projects, as it's a method of documenting the event
  • Judging
  • A cutoff of Sunday night for marking of winners of categories on admin page
  • Spaceappschallenge.org about page has suggestions for judging criteria
Ben N
  • Ben Noble, London, UK
Urska P
  • Urska Starc Peceny, Vienna, Austria.
Mikko L
  • Mikko Lampi, Mikkeli, Finland
Prawesh S
  • Prawesh Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal
kofi L
  • kofi sika LATZOO, Dakar , Senegal , West Africa
Faith U
Yolanda A
  • Yolanda Alonso, Burgos, Spain
Abhijeet G
  • Abhijeet Gahlot, New Delhi, India
Tsubasa Y
  • Tsubasa Yumura, Tokyo, Japan
Yassa A
  • Yasseen Abdel-Magied, Brisbane, Australia
  • We (SAC2015Sac-InfrastructureTeam) planing and settingUp SatelliteLocations, since they are eagar to Join, but too late to get their City registered. They are OK to be IDentified as SAC2015SacSatelliteMojave, etc, Mojave being a SpacePort, MojaveMakers, MojaveHighSchool, etc all excited.  Making sure we are not breaking any groundRules of SACThanks,  Abraham Vasant
Blake G
  • It is too late to add additional sites but there are options for sites interested in satellite events. 
  • You can invite participants to your site to participate as remote participants. Still just 2 nominees
  • Participants can sign up for the virtual event and submit projects for the virtual event
Ben N
  • Has there been any announcement of judging criteria?
Blake G
  • There is no specific judging criteria outside of basic criteria
Ben N
  • How many registrations so far? Top 5 locations?
Blake G
  • 3000 registrants right now. 
Ben N
  • Last year there were some organised Skype/live-streams with astronauts; will these be arranged again?
  • Day before, as part of the Data BootCamp, panel discussion
  • stream will be archived and available during the weekend on demand
  • questions via twitter leading up to the event
Ben N
  • Our capacity has increased since the sticker order went in - is it too late to request more?
Blake G
  • Unfortunately, orders have already been placed. You may order additional stickers for your site
Ben N
  • Quick reminder that the Waitlist functionality of the website doesn't work (participants unable to register at all once registration capacity has been hit, waitlist unavailable for download by location administrators)
William N
  • contact the webteam for help if you are already facing this issue
  • a fix is coming
Prawesh S
  • We are planning to include local challenges, this time, with the help of our sponsors, collaborators and supporters. We hope that it wouldn't be any problem to include the challenges?
Blake G
  • Sponsors may submit challenges to be worked on at the local level, but these would be submitted under the "other" category
Abhijeet G
  • Can participants take part in more than one team/challenge
  • The person(s) just need to remember to join the additional projects
  • A good example is someone who aids projects in several locations, or someone who contributes something specific to several projects locally
Mikko L
  • Do people need to register to Data Bootcamp or does the same registration apply to Space Apps and Data Bootcamp? Is the global organizer interested in the registration information of Bootcamp? Is there only one registration form?
Blake G
  • If you're hosting your own Data Bootcamp you can use Eventbrite or another event management resource to collect data.
William N
  • What are the licenses that will be available for the projects this year? can we get them beforehand to review what they actually cover and be able to advise the participants?
  • can be seen from the project pages now
  • most OSI approved licenses
Abhijeet G
  • What is the minimum internet bandwidth required for live streaming? or does it depend from location to location?
William N
  • this will depend on the quality of the stream, and what other demands will be placed on your net connection
  • ie the number of participants
  • check the FAQ and technical pages of sites like youtube for some ballpark figures regarding bandwidth
Yassa A
  • It is recommended for super limited bandwidth to only stream during presentation
  • Certificates for volunteers? seperate to participant certificate
  • Pending ISAC team
  • Can people join multiple projects in multiple locations
  • Anyone can be a team member in more than one project
  • However projects can only be judged in one city (cannot be submitted twice in two locations)
  • This includes physical presentations
  • Documenting the project (Code). Is github the prefered method?
1025 days ago
  • The Space Apps website- Opened earlier last week
Blake G
  • email web@spaceappschallenge.org if you're having issues with the website
  • email elizabeth@spaceappschalleng.org or blake.garcia@spaceappschallenge.org if you have not received details for how to log in 
  • Opening of public registration
Blake G
  • March 2nd- people can begin signing up
  • People will register for your event and give background on their skills
  • Promotion of your local event to engage diverse participation
  • Space Apps does not just cover "apps" there is a significant hardware component, diverse set of participants encouraged to participate, not just coders
  • Reports
  • Name, skills, and other information will be available to hosts during the registration period
  • Challenges
  • Challenge launch date: March 11th
  • Challenges are being approved by NASA legal team, will be posted March 11th. Themes are already available: Outer Space, Earth, Humans and Robotics
  • To see samples of past challenges, look at 2014.spaceappschallenge.org for last year's challenges
  • Translation of challenges
Blake G
  • Doc of the challenges will be released in English to be translated, let the organizing team know if you are looking for collaborators to translate into your local language
  • The event weekend 
  • Data bootcamp (in NYC and other interested cities)
  • Designed to encourage broad range of participation in Space Apps
  • Hosted in NYC and will feature programming on APIs, data, hardware and ways to be part of a hackathon as a non-techie, etc.
Blake G
  • Focus is Women in Data, many of the sessions will be led by women experts
  • Local sites are not required to host a bootcamp
  • Local judging
  • Basic criteria available at spaceappschallenge.org but you have control over judging at your local event
  • Local awards and prizes
  • We want to encourage an environment of collaboration so prizes should not be so big that teams are reluctant to collaborate or share information because they are competing against each other for a big prize!
  • Judging criteria
  • Nominations for global judging
  • Local leads are being asked to select two teams for global judging
  • 1 month after Space Apps, NASA will select 5 global winners to be invited to a NASA launch event
  • Projects being submitted for global judging will be asked to create a 1 minute video to present projects to NASA judges in the week following Space Apps.
  • Nomination for People's Choice
  • In addition to 2 global nominees, sites will submit a people's choice from local sites
  • For leads
  • Branding and designs
  • Information document
  • Document contains information to help craft a press release, relay information to sponsors
  • Host letters
  • We can send a letter confirming local leads. Please email blake.garcia@spaceappschallenge.org
  • Potential collaborators
  • Working to find ways to connect you with organizations that want to offer resources/APIs, etc. to Space Apps sites on a broader level.
  • If you have a sponsor that wants to engage with other cities as well, let us know and we can put them in touch.
  • Audrey Rhodes, Lomé, TOGO, West Africa
Brian A
  • Brian Amu, Nairobi, Kenya
Shpend L
  • Shpend Lila, Prishtina, Kosovo.
  • Caley Burke, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Edlira K
Mikko L
  • Mikko Lampi, Mikkeli, Finland
Prawesh S
  • Prawesh Shrestha, Kathmandu Nepal
Faith U
  • Faith Urban, Brevard County, Florida
Bob B
  • Bob Berardino, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland, USA
Melina K
  • Melina Korvenkontio, Idean, Helsinki, Finland
  • Kadja Manninen, Idean, Helsinki, Finland
kofi L
  • LATZOO kofi sika , Dakar , Sénégal , West Africa
Urska P
  • Urska Starc Peceny, Vienna, Austria
  • please,  we need to know more about the registration process on the website, do you get info about teams or individuals or both ? Menna Hamza
Blake G
  • Everyone will register individually. Teams submitting projects can be identified by their team when the project is submitted
  • can we register new people during  the event "on the spot" even if we reached our max capacity stated in the location page ? Menna Hamza
  • Participants will not be able to register if you've hit max capacity but you can expand the number if you have more participants
  • it would be very useful if you could provide more details about 2015 challenges, that will help us approaching suitable mentors. Menna Hamza
Edlira K
  • Can we have an example from last year in terms of challanges? So we can have an idea of how they are? 
  • Please How to join the call (with any email address) ? 
  • You can join the call by following this link:
  • What are the challenge themes?
  • Please, we need to add lead our city on the web site for changes how it's done? 
  • send an email to web@spaceappschallenge.org
  • Please the stickers were sent ALREADY for each city?  I did send the form quite late, am I going to have stickers anyway???
Blake G
  • Stickers have been ordered and will be received before Space Apps. 
  • If you sent the form in by the deadline, you will receive stickers. 
Ben N
  • When do we expect the stickers to arrive?
  • We hope everyone will have their stickers by the end of March, but cannot be sure of shipping times for international sites.  Once stickers are shipped, we will have tracking information and can track their progress.
Ben N
  • T-shirt design - can we modify them to include sponsor logos (eg, on the arms or back)?
  • When will be the awards published? Once you have the local nominees, how long does it take to know the global winners? Yolanda Alonso
  • We plan to publish the global awards one month after Space Apps - May 11th
  • Will we be able to enlarge the maximum capacity (registration limit) once the registration has started? Yolanda Alonso
  • Yes, you can change the maximum capacity anytime.
  • Do we have a deadline time to select the local nominees for the global awards in the website? Yolanda Alonso
Blake G
  • Local nominees need to be submitted by midnight (PST) on Sunday
  • The website says participants will be able to work with publicly available data (I guess from NASA?). Where is that available data? How can they work with it? Will that be explained? Yolanda Alonso
  • How will be the bootcamp on Friday 10th, via streaming? At what time? Yolanda Alonso 
  • The bootcamp will be streamed live on Friday, April 10th and will also be uploaded and available online after the event.
Yolanda A
  • What is exactly the global prize? 
  • Attendance at a NASA launch event (travel not included)
Edlira K
  • The Bootcamp event is a one day event? Does it happen one day before the weekend? I could not understand that..
  • Yes, it is one day on April 10th, the day before the weekend.

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