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Brian Oporto

981 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Brian Oporto 981 days ago
HI! My name is Brian Oporto and I'm from Bolivia. I have experiences with Astronomy and Astrophysics Contests and also Electronics, Automatization,  and Programming in languages like ADA and Python.
Also I'm writing a sci-fi story envolving future , so I guess Story-Telling can be another kind of my skills.
I would like to collaborate with a project envolving an ambitious way of concentrate a big network inside the world which it can be relationated with the automatized control of "Laboratories of Astronomy" which they have to be non expensive, easy to understand for a random person and of course, open to get improvements on Microcontrolers PIC
If you are interested, please contact me at brianoporto_19@hotmail.com. I would like it!

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