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Essraa Abbas

1025 days ago
  • email elizabeth@spaceappschalleng.org or blake.garcia@spaceappschallenge.org if you have not received details for how to log in 
Blake G
  • Be sure to set your maximum capacity to the maximum number of participants your site can accomodate
  • Opening of public registration
  • March 2nd- people can begin signing up
  • People will register for your event and give background on their skills.  As an admin, you will be able to see names, emails, and skill sets of participants through a report on the back end.
  • Registration must be done on the Space Apps website
  • Promotion of your local event to engage diverse participation
  • Space Apps does not just cover "apps" there is a significant hardware component, diverse set of participants encouraged to participate, not just coders
  • Datasets
  • Connected to challenges, and available on data.nasa.gov
  • Focus is Women in Data, many of the sessions will be led by women experts
Blake G
  • Panel discussion featuring NASA personnel will be available for stream
  • Be sure to make sure participants stick to a predetermined amount of time,
  • It's recommended large events have shorter presentation times.
  • Judging criteria at the local level
  • In addition to 2 global nominees, sites will submit a people's choice from local sites, determined by a vote of participants. The top 25 will to be voted on at the global level.
  • NASA has many logo restrictions, please do not use the NASA logo in any promotional material, or linked with any other sponsor logos. You can use the logo on its own, however (e.g. using all the stickers we are sending you).
  • Joe Brisbois, Pasadena, CA
Essraa A
Valerie C
  • Valerie Cepero, Orlando, FL
Lisha S
  • Lisha Sterling, Greensboro, NC 
Juan E
  • Juan Manuel Delgado, Lima, PE
(Please type your questions below, and your name next to the question, and we will answer them during the call.)
Essraa A
  1. If our place to host the challenge can accomodate up to for example 150 attendees and we managed to change the place or adjust accomodation later, is it possible to re-open the registration? (Essraa Abbas) 
  1. Can people start working on the challenges once they are published March 11th before the Hackathon days? (Essraa Abbas)   
Blake G
  1. Participants are able to work on projects ahead of time but teams will only be judged on work completed at the hackathon.
Lisha S
  1. Lisha says: In Glasgow last year we did have one team that wrote a theoretical paper about what they wanted to do in advance, but only did the actual WORK on the challenge during the weekend. (Don't know if that helps) Thx Lisha :)
  1. Is there any advance information about the Data Bootcamp that local sites can use to build their own local Bootcamp? (Lisha Sterling)
Blake G
  1. Yes. There is a list of workshop topics available we can share. Please reach out to blake.garcia@spaceappschallenge.org or elizabeth.sabet@spaceappschallenge.org if you would like to be put into contact with someone who can provide more details
Lisha S
  1. Can the challenge be run on days other than the 11th and 12th of April? weekend in Egypt is Fri, Sat. (Essraa Abbas)  Lisha says: I can tell you from the past that in Israel they have run the event over Fri, Sat which is the weekend there. It's nice when you can have livestreaming of your local event even when you are starting before everyone else, because that helps build the Global sense of things. :) 
Blake G
  1. Dates can be adjusted if needed (due to holidays, different weekend) to accommodate local participants. 
Essraa A
  1. Is there a place for APIs and open source tools/software that could be used? (Essraa Abbas)
Blake G
  1. Resources will be posted with the challenges
Essraa A
  1. Usually how many judges are needed for the Hackathon? (Essraa Abbas) 
Blake G
  1. Generally 3-6 but you can choose
Splunk offer- Splunk plans on contributing $50,000 to be distributed globally to sponsor sites and will also offer technical support. Reach out to Lisha@geekswobounds.org for additional information about coordinating with global sponsors

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